Diets - Ketogenic, Paleo, Atkins...

We explore the different diets out today. What makes them different? Why choose one over another? How to get started? Where to get the best resoures and what are they? We try and tackle those issues here.

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I like proof. How is it working? Where is it working? How does it affect different parts of my body? Study size? Where is it published? Study demographics? I want details before I just believe someone. We dive into some studies and give try to make them easier to explain.

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Suppliments can be great or they can just be a waste of time and money. There are all sorts of suppliments being pushed on people. We try to take a scientific look at weeding out the fact from fiction. While nothing is 100% and new information is always being learned. We want to find suppliments that are found in studies so we know not only that they do work, but how, where and why are they working?

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Different Approach

I have spent over a decade of my life selling to doctors from major drug manufacturers. The thing is that nutrition is often the least amount of time they spend in medical school learning about. Not only that, but natural molecules can not hold a patent so major Pharmaceutical companies will not spend time researching or selling natural suppliments because anyone can reproduce or sell the same thing. There is no patent or intellectual property there. Even if certain diets, suppliments or foods work.

This site is not anti-drug or big pharma as they create amazing life saving medications and research molecules and medications well beyond what some natural suppliments can provide. But this site does believe that there is a gap between health and medicine and want to take a constructive look at health and where prevention, diet, exercises, suppliments and lifestyle can compliment modern medicine.

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